Panera Gluten Free

Panera comes to the rescue with gluten free foods.

Panera Gluten Free Panera Gluten Free Panera Gluten Free

Panera Gluten Free

It is devastating to be told the reason you have been so ill is that you have a condition for which there is no cure. Celiac disease is one such condition, and the only treatment is a gluten free diet. But gluten is in nearly everything we love to eat, and not just bread. Approaching a gluten free diet is daunting, and in the beginning you may feel overwhelmed with loss of being able to dine out, for fear there is nothing safe to eat. Panera Cafe and Bakery has responded to your need by serving the foods you love made with their Panera gluten free food products.
Gluten intolerance leads to a great deal of misery, and it is not something that can be borne, because the longer one toughs it out, the worse the problem becomes. And then there are many people who do not actually have celiac disease, but believe that going gluten free improves digestion, and over all well-being.
Here is where Panera comes to the rescue, with their chain of cafes and bakeries which offer gluten free foods. They are located all over the United States and Canada, and their site online has a map function for you to find a Panera near you. All you have to do is enter your state and your city, and the map will bring up all locations in your area, with addresses and phone numbers. Just call ahead and speak with the local manager to let them know you are coming and wish to order gluten free food, and they will be ready for you. Then when you order, let your waiter know you want gluten free. They will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Panera's cafe menu is full of healthy and delicious offerings, including fresh daily soups, stews, pastas, hand tossed salads, paninis, sandwiches, and a kids menu. All of their ingredients are market fresh, all natural, and meats are antibiotic free. All bread is baked fresh daily. And they are constantly adding new items to their menu. Just look at the delectable and wholesome foods they offer!
A Selection From Panera's Menu
Classic Grilled Cheese

Asiago Roast Beef
Mediterranean Veggie
Soups, Stews, and Pastas

Mac & Cheese
All-Natural Sonoma Chicken Stew
Low-Fat Vegetarian Garden Vegetable with Pesto

Tomato & Mozzarella
Chipotle Chicken
Roasted Turkey & Cranberry
Kids Menu

Kid's Deli Sandwiches
Classic Peanut Butter and Jelly
Hand Tossed Salads
Roasted Turkey Fuji Apple
Greek, and Caesar classics
Steak & Blue Cheese Chopped
There is much more, too much to be listed here, but you can get complete menus online. So, you  see that being committed to a gluten free diet does not mean you are committed to being stuck at home. Panera has responded to the needs of the growing numbers of people who cannot eat foods containing gluten. Customer reviews report that their food does not trigger gluten reactions. Now with Panera gluten free meals, you no longer have to be afraid to dine out with family and friends.